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Guardian Belt


Our 24-7 chastity belt for women is made to be both comfortable and secure. Reg. $275.00 now only $225.00. Made of 24ga. stainless steel, lined with neoprene rubber for added comfort. It's ultra slim design makes it impossible to be detected threw the clothing. Has a 5" slot which expands from the clitoris, to the end of the vagina, to allow for urination. However the shield will not allow penetration from the rear, or front. There is an optional removable rear shield that locks into place. The rear shield can be removed without removing the main belt. This item will be custom made per your measurements for a perfect fit. Click on the measurement tab on the side menu to see the measurements needed for this belt. This belt is quality made in the USA.

Available Options:

Rear shield:

Stainless Steel Collar:

Stainless Steel Handcuffs: