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Were running a special promotion on our best quality chastity belt. This is not the cheap China made stuff. This belt is quality made in the USA! Reg. price $299.00, now only $225.00. It is made from 24 ga. by 1 1/2" wide stainless steel, and is trimmed with a black neoprene rubber. It has an adjustable waist band, and a built in locking system that can't be picked by even the best of experts. The penis tube has a 90 degree bend, which traps the penis at the point in which it contacts the body. This allows for urination while in the seated position. Has stainless steel chain which goes around the buttocks, and allows for defecate, while the rear shield is not in position. There is an optional rear shield that has two separate locks, which allows it to be removed or added without removing the main belt. This belt has D-rings on both sides, and rear shield. Once you place your order, we will email you a link to a video which will explain all of the additional measurements needed to make this belt a perfect custom fit for you. Hurry, because this special promotion will not last long!

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