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Penis shock trap


This is one of the most unique chastity device you will ever find. It is made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate and the cage has vented slots for quick drying. Once you have your partner in the device, the conductive silicone -- within the device -- allows you to send e-stim current to his cock. You apply the cage to the adjustable ABS ring, utilizing a latch system that lets you cinch it down without having to switch out different rings. Cage is lined with conductive silicone. This chastity device goes one step further, with the addition of electrostimulation. it's very Comfortable and The shape is very popular. Package Contents: > 1 Electro-Stim cock cage,a Black Jack sign marked on it; the length of it is about 70mm, inner diameter of cage is about 40mm. > 1 plastic ring, which is similar to handcuffs, you can adjust to the most suitable size, maximum adjustable inner diameter is 5.25cm (2.07 inches); > 3 Spacers,which helps to adjust the distance of the cock cage and ring; > 1 plastic bayonet lock,which is used to fix the ring at the suitable position; > 1 Metal Padlock with two keys. > 5 One Time Use Plastic Locks > 1 leads

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